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Quality Hair Extensions are not available at cheap rate. If the hair extensions cost $500 or less, chances are the quality is extremely poor. Good hair prices are expensive. Hair Extensions Costs can be broken down to these major factors.

100% Remy Human Hair Extensions cost more than Synthetic Extensions.The longer the hair extensions, the more they will cost. The cost of 24 inch hair extensions will be more than the cost of 12 inch extensions. 16 inch hair extensions will cost more than 8 inches of hair extensions. The Length is a key factor in hair extensions pricing.

Remy human hair extension is best known for its quality and so the cost is high. Virgin Hair is non processed hair, hair that has never been colored or treated. Virgin Hair usually comes from colder areas, like Russia. This hair is in short supply, so this hair will cost more than Indian Hair, where supply is more numerous. Indian hair is donated in temples and sold in bulk. The prices for this hair are cheaper than European hair extensions where the supply is limited.

Loose Hair is cheaper that pre-tipped keratin hair. More work on the hair increases it's hair cost. A quality hair bond like Great Lengths, which is famous for it's strong hair bonding's will cost more than hair found elsewhere. The hair bonding s along with the hair quality all increase the hair's cost.

Blonde hair extensions cost more on average for quality hair than Black hair extensions. No processing involved in black hair extensions costs, but they are elevated when it comes to blonde hair extensions.

A hair salon like Our's Famous Hair Extensions Salon will cost more than getting your hair done from a place found on Craigslist. The salon is the world's best for hair extensions, so you are paying for workmanship, name, quality, and ambiance.

These are all factors in the prices of hair extensions. The key is not to factor exclusively on the cost of hair extensions. Think quality first. Low cost hair extensions usually tangle easy, are hard to maintain, and look fake. So never just focus on the price of extensions.

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